Hayden’s two cents - The Great Equaliser
Posted: 25-Nov-2020 |

It's well documented in the news media regarding lack of stock problems brought onto businesses because of Covid. And it’s not just one industry, it's all of them and that’s what makes it the great equalizer! 

Almost certainly, your opposition will be facing the same problems that you are facing, but it is how you react during this time that will make you stand out. The most important thing to remember as a business is not to use it as an excuse for poor performance and customer service.

For example, I ordered furniture in June and was told it would be 2 months, it’s now nearing the end of November and still no furniture has arrived. No problem I know about the supply chain issues facing everyone! However, the problem is not once has the furniture company contacted me in regards to delays, it’s been myself the customer that has had to make multiple calls asking where it is. 

On one occasion when I called, I was informed that one of the products ordered had been discontinued and it would be replaced with something similar, but again, it was me that had to call them to hear this… 

Fast forward to present day and I have made the final call to the company in question to get my money back. That’s when I was hit with the last covid excuse I could take from them and my response was “Look I know we all have Covid problems but don’t use it as an excuse for poor customer service”.

So for us all in the transport industry let’s keep focused on what’s important, the customer and the product. Keep the communication lines open, let the customer know if something isn’t quite going to plan…. 

Most will understand as they too are having similar problems brought on by Covid, just don’t let it be the excuse and leave the customer asking for their money back!!

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