Hangcha's Lithium flagship range
Posted: 24-Mar-2020 |

Northern Forklifts, NZ's Hangcha distributor, are delighted to announce the arrival of Hangcha's new premium Lithium Ion powered model.

The Hangcha XC is a premium performance 2.0- 3.5 tonne capacity range of counterbalance forklifts that has been designed specifically for lithium battery power.

Hangcha have entered into partnership with lithium battery manufacturers CATL and already offer lithium battery options on most of their electric forklift products including powered pallet trucks, stackers, reach trucks and all A Series counterbalance up to 5.0 tonnes.

The Hangcha XC takes electric counterbalance forklifts to a whole new level of excellence. Most counterbalance machines have the heavy lead acid battery mounted relatively high in the chassis to allow access to the top for checking water and to vent the battery while charging. Lithium batteries are maintenance-free (no watering, no acid) and don't release potentially explosive gas while charging and are much smaller in physical size than a comparable lead acid unit.

Hangcha utilized these factors in the design of the XC range. The lithium battery is mounted very low down in the machine with electronic and pump components located above the battery. The primary benefit is that the battery location gives a much lower centre of gravity in the forklift greatly enhancing stability and therefore operator safety. The XC's management system also has a function which automatically slows the machine during turns which along with the already enhanced stability greatly reduces roll-over risk.

If the battery ever does need removing from the forklift there's no more lifting out from above with a gantry or a second forklift and the risk of 1000kgs of lead and acid swinging from a chain. Instead a side-opening door allows the battery to be wheeled out with a pallet truck – simple, quick and safe.

The compact battery and it's location improves ergonomics as the operator's space is much lower than most standard electric forklifts and there is much more foot space. There is also easy under bonnet access for technicians to many components that are normally hidden under the battery or in the counterweight. Instrumentation, including adjustable operating parameters such as top speed and re-gen brake force, and self-diagnosis for fault-finding, is located at eye level on the overhead guard. The all AC drive and hydraulic motors are extremely quiet and powerful and can be combined with a suspension operator's seat with integrated fingertip controls for optimum comfort and a fatigue-free working day.

Hangcha designed the XC to be an electric forklift that can work in any environment. For most electric forklifts water is the enemy. Not so for the Hangcha XC with its IXP4 ware resistance rating and dust sealing protecting controllers and motors which makes it suitable for outside operation in all conditions. The XC is an electric forklift that can work anywhere – inside, outside, in the rain, in a dusty yard or in a freezer without any modification.

Hangcha's lithium batteries supplied by CATL have a 5 year or 10000 hour warranty so new users can have full confidence that their forklift will perform now and in the future and continue to deliver the advantaged already mentioned.

Northern Forklifts see the Hangcha XC as particularly suited to the high utilization customer who is looking for maximum performance from their electric forklift in varied conditions. The other lithium models in the Hangcha range complement the counterbalance XC with reach trucks giving up to 1200kg capacity at 12.5 meter lift height, powered pallet trucks and stackers for other warehouse duties and the A Series 3 and 4 -wheel counterbalances with lithium battery to complete the options range.

And of course the full range other than XC is still available with lead acid batteries for sites where the workload doesn't justify the premium performance cost or where power supply on site may be limited, allowing clients to continue to experience the excellence of Hangcha electric forklifts.

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