Fuso Canter – NZ'S safest light truck
Posted: 10-Mar-2020 |

Helping drivers get home safely every day – Active Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning, an Electronic Braking System and Electronic Stability Control make New Zealand's most popular light-duty 4x2 truck now also its safest.

FUSO's 34-strong 2019 Canter range offers the most comprehensive safety package ever seen in a light truck in New Zealand, including:

Active Emergency Braking System - AEBS helps to avoid or mitigate collisions with pedestrians and other vehicles by using a radar to monitor the road ahead. The radar triggers visual and audio warnings followed by automatic braking activation, depending on proximity to the obstacle ahead. Drivers can override AEBS by pressing the accelerator.

Lane Departure Warning System - LDWS operates at speeds over 60km/h to reduce the risk of lane departure accidents caused by distraction or fatigue. A camera behind the windscreen detects lane markings and triggers visual and audio alerts if the vehicle crosses without the indicator deployed.

Electronic Brake System - Individually controls the brake pressure applied to each of Canter's four disc brakes to provide optimised stopping power regardless of loading and road conditions. This is in addition to the standard ABS system that the Canter has enjoyed for many years.

Electronic Stability Control - ESC employs a steering sensor and yaw rate sensor to detect loss of control. This information is relayed to a hydraulic unit, which applies appropriate brake force to individual wheels to aid steering control and improve stability.

And an All-new 7" Touchscreen with Reversing Camera - An on-dash screen relays images from the rear-mounted reversing camera and works with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for hands-free talking text-to-speech functionality. Four additional cameras reverse sensors and tyre pressure monitoring are further optional extras.

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