Fleet Management Software Makes Life Easier for Herberts Transport
Posted: 11-Nov-2020 |

Easy, effective and reliable. That’s how Herberts Transport summarises their experience with Teletrac Navman’s fleet management solution. 

Herberts Transport has a mixed fleet of around 50 vehicles, which includes livestock, bulk trucks, spreaders, whey trucks and trailers. They needed an easy solution that provided an overview of the status and location of all their fleet, along with features like service alerts and electronic RUC to help eliminate manual processes.

At a glance, the solution has provided Herberts Transport with:

100% by-the-minute visibility of its 50+ vehicles and assets
Fast and easy electronic Road User Charges system streamlines licensing and rebates
Maintenance alerts makes operations more productive and efficient

Teletrac Navman gives Herberts Transport a full overview of their fleet. This translates into happy customers, less admin time and a well-maintained fleet.

Electronic RUC is the best part!

With its auto purchasing technology, electronic RUC saves Herberts Transport at least a couple of hours a week in administration. Best of all, it tracks RUC for the individual trailer independent of the truck it is attached too, reducing confusion, removing processing time and automatically updating licences instantly.

It makes fleet management a breeze

Teletrac Navman’s fleet management solution makes managing the operation a breeze, with a user-friendly interface that lets management check the status of the fleet all the way down to the individual truck. 

To read more about how Teletrac Navman can help turn your fleet management into a breeze, visit: https://www.teletracnavman.co.nz/platforms/transport-management-software

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