Essential Services needed for Essential Trucking Services
Posted: 24-Mar-2020 |

It's often the little things that are the biggest problem, in a letter to all, Malcolm McLeod Truck driver for StraitNZ Linehaul Ltd, highlights a number 2 problem that is in fact a number 1 issue.

I am a Linehaul truck driver, delivering supplies during this Covid 19 Lockdown, and we have a major issue that could conceivably bring the transport industry to a halt.

Many, if not most, Local Authorities have closed their public toilets due to this crisis, and nearly all Service Stations have as well, meaning that we have absolutely NO toilet facilities from when we leave our depots, or where we start from, until we get to our destinations. This, in some cases, might mean nothing from Auckland to Wellington - a distance of over 10 hours and 600km.

This is not a major problem for "number ones", but is for females or "number two's".
I shouldn't need to point out the health risks that could result if we are forced to use roadsides to perform these duties!!!!

I implore you, as a matter of urgency, to investigate this issue, and to secure access as of right, to clean and healthy toilet facilities along the State Highway network, for truck drivers and other Essential Workers during this State of Emergency and crisis, as without this, we may not be able to continue offering a robust supply chain to keep supplies moving.
Yours, etc,

Malcolm McLeod
Truck driver,
StraitNZ Lineh

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