Posted: 22-Jan-2020 |

FUSO's fully electric eCanter was well received by members of parliament during its visit to the Beehive.

Associate Minister for Transport Julie Anne Genter, who is also the minister responsible for EVs, had no troubles navigating the capital's narrow back streets in the fully electric eCanter light truck.

"It's quieter, cleaner, and easier to handle than I expected," said Genter. "More so than an SUV."

The eCanter was in Wellington to raise awareness among regulators and showcase the electric technology emerging from the FUSO fleet.

National's spokesperson for transport Chris Bishop was also keen to take the opportunity to see the truck for himself, taking it for a drive and sharing the same sentiment as Genter regarding its smooth driving and minimal noise.

While commercial fleet numbers grow, innovative electric technology such as the eCanter could help reduce emissions generated from the wider sector.

With a permanent synchronous electric motor powered by an 82.8kWh lithium-ion, liquid-cooled battery pack, eCanter has a practical range of 120km and a payload of up to 4.5 tonnes, serving as a viable and efficient option for the final stages of delivery.

Genter said having "last mile" options such as the eCanter can play an important role in achieving emission reductions from the transport sector.

"If we can shift more freight to electrified rail or coastal shipping, we'll still need to get things the last mile, and that is going to need to be zero emissions," Genter said. "Then there are the benefits from the cleaner air and lower noise in residential areas."

Genter said the Government was focused on light fleets as growing demand for goods — and the transport of them — pushes emissions up. She also said that there could be some incentives centred around new technology to remedy this.

Like the 2019 FUSO Canter, eCanter includes safety features such as Active Emergency Braking System, Lane Departure Warning system, and Electronic Stability control, helping to ensure drivers get home safely every day.

With enhanced safety and zero emissions on-road, eCanter represents peace of mind for operators looking to reduce emissions and fuel costs and to ensure their drivers are as well-protected as they can be.

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