DGH helps steer businesses in the right direction - One job at a time
Posted: 09-Jun-2020 |

The impact caused by Covid-19 has created unprecedented and lasting effects within the trucking and transport community, inadvertently changing how the industry may operate for years to come.

Many trucking and transport businesses are facing worrying workload uncertainty. Some have seen major decreases in demand, where others have seen increased workloads, putting extensive pressure on resources. Businesses are challenged with complicated and expensive staffing decisions – holding staff during unproductive periods or recruiting new staff to service uncertain demand.

Introducing DGH, a cost-effective, job-based driver hire service that supplies the very best commercial drivers on a job-by-job base - fixed terms, seasonal assignments or ADHOC, enabling their clients to save time and money.

Bodhi Vette, founding director at DGH, says: "Despite being deemed an essential service over lockdown, the fall-out Covid-19 has caused to the trucking and transport industry is evident. We are seeing heightened pressure on crucial supply chains, long-term operational disruptions, unforeseeable job losses and employment freezes. In this volatile economic climate, business owners and operation managers are experiencing extensive pressure to control operating expenses and still maintain service levels".

"During such unpredictable times, hiring permanent members of staff may no longer be viable. Our business offers companies the option to hire skilled drivers one job at a time, offering full flexibility and an alternative way to source drivers based on workload and demand."

Established in 2012, DGH is a family-owned and operated New Zealand company facilitating the truck and transport industries, as well as other sectors in the New Zealand driver space.

Bodhi continues: "With almost 1000 drivers signed up to DGH, we have the biggest pool of skilled drivers available for hire in the country and are experts in what we do.

"We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of customer care and go the extra mile for the businesses we work with, so companies feel confident their additional driver needs are fully taken care of.

"For example, we comprehensively vet each driver that's registered with us before putting them forward for a job, conducting background checks, interviews, health and safety onboarding, drug tests and previous employment checks.

"We then invest our time and resource into finding the right driver for each job, saving businesses time and money in advertising, recruitment and driver acquisition fees.

"Once the right driver is found and selected, DGH facilitate the Client Service Agreement and help organise the training requirements needed based on the brief and job at hand to get the driver signed off and working as quickly and safely as possible."

DGH quotes each job individually on an hourly rate, which includes the cost of driving; associated jobs; HR management of DGH drivers; assignment management within DGH, legal agreements and a level of insurance.

Bodhi concludes: "For years other industries have been embracing different outsourcing models and reaping the rewards, DGH is an outsourcing model for trucking and transport operators, providing a platform to connect with an experienced pool of flexible additional drivers, allowing our clients to operate more leanly and efficiently.

"During such unpredictable times, DGH allows businesses to scale their additional driver needs up or down, dependent on workload and demand.

"Unlike hiring a permanent member of staff, all our drivers are available on request for fixed terms, seasonal assignments or one-off jobs, to help businesses get back on the road to recovery quickly and efficiently."

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