COVID-19 - Current RUC Policy Positions
Posted: 14-Apr-2020 |

Questions have arisen over the possibility of RUC refunds on RUC purchases that relate to vehicles now parked up as a result of the Level 4 lockdown. NZTA's Kelvin Lloyd, the convener of a recent freight operator meeting, reported that Tash Wiggins, a member of NZTA's revenue assessment team, has set up an email that operators can send in requests for refunds. That is,

NZTA staff in Palmerston North said they will look at RUC not being used (i.e. trucks off the road) and refunding it, on a case-by-case basis. Their first priority will remain rebates and refunds already due.

However, to support owners/operators during COVID-19, the NZTA may issue a RUC refund for excess distance remaining. To qualify, the vehicle must be a heavy motor vehicle or trailer that is more than 3500kg and have more than $500 worth of RUC remaining on the vehicle.

If you meet these criteria, or know of owners/operators that do and would like to claim a refund, please email the request to the link above. Please ensure that the registration plate number/s, current hubodometer reading and odometer reading (if applicable) are included.

A second question has arisen related to RUC licence labels. NZTA advises it would like to think there is leniency on the display of the label during the lockdown period, if a RUC label is not displayed but has been purchased through RUC online. The approach taken could be wider than the present RUC Act allows. It will be up to each police officer to decide whether they will, or will not, issue an infringement for not displaying a licence (when a licence has been purchased).

The Police will be looking to see if there is any mischief backgrounding the non- display of the licence.

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