CDL Autoparts has a new owner
Posted: 26-May-2020 |

After over half a century in business, CDL Autoparts founder Wayne Butler has passed the mantle of ownership to heavy-transport professional Robert Wood and although he's going to miss his staff and the interaction with the customers, he says he couldn't be happier.

"We had a mind to sell for about two years but we were looking for the right sort of person," says Butler.

And Butler is convinced that Robert Wood is the right sort of person to take over. He says, "He [Wood] has an extensive similar background. We're heavy-duty transportation and he's been in industrial and earth-moving and heavy-duty general machinery, tractors that sort of thing. He's also been in the industry for years, he knows it well and I believe he's going to add a fair bit to the business."

He goes on to say "All the staff have been retained, some of my staff have been with me for over 30-years and I was very conscious of that."

Butler's reason for selling is simple enough, "Because I'm seventy-five years of age and it's time I retired." Although he hasn't figured out what he's going to do yet.

As Butler stated, new owner Wood comes with an ideal industry background.

Wood says, "My last job for ten and a half years I was GM of AB Equipment, in the Construction, Forestry and Materials handling industry. Prior to that, thirteen years as National Parts Manager at Truckstops and before that, twenty plus years at a Ford dealership."

Wood is equally excited about taking over the reins at CDL.

"It's a long-established business," says Wood. "The opportunity to buy this business popped up and to be fair, these sorts of businesses don't pop up every five minutes."

Wood has a clear vision for the future too.

"CDL has done an absolutely marvellous job of getting the Peterson lights up and running in the transport industry, obviously I want to build on that. Along with other opportunities that the product range has in the Construction, Forestry and Materials handling industries, which CDL to date hasn't tapped in to, that's the initial area of focus for us.

Going forward, there are more and more Electric Vehicles popping up, what sort of opportunities do they present for us in the future requires further exploration."

CDL Autoparts started in 1967 in a small workshop in Crowhurst Street, Newmarket, Auckland. Initial operations involved the service and repair of vehicle fuel systems, carburettors and other related products, however, in the mid-1980's the emphasis of the business changed to the importation of automotive components and reselling to vehicle organizations throughout New Zealand and moved premises to Manukau, to allow for future growth.

CDL Autoparts is considered NZ's foremost supplier of EFI and carburettor components, with inventory that includes parts for past and present vehicles, but it's their heavy transport industry LED truck lighting from USA based Peterson Manufacturing Co that it is now their core day to day business.

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