Castrol Truck Driver Hero - Pet taxi truckie
Posted: 25-Nov-2020 |

In this month, NZ Truck and Driver magazine we celebrate Christchurch driver Morgan MacAllister-Robb as the Castrol Truck Driver Hero, and here’s the reason why.

Morgan loves trucks…and dogs. That combination, plus his generosity and a ready preparedness to help animals has seen him doing something remarkable, heartwarming.

For the past eight months the 48-year-old truckie has been referring to his CoolTranz Kenworth K200 8x4 tractor unit as his “pet taxi.” With his bosses’ blessing, Morgan has often added an extra element to his temperature-controlled freight runs between Christchurch and Palmerston North - Pet Passengers.

The dogs and cats are primarily homeless animals that need transporting from rescue centres to their new owners – or, as Morgan prefers to call them, “their new humans.” Or their “human slaves.”

Since he first began, his exploits and stories are both moving and often humorous. 

“I think the biggest stigma with what I do with transporting animals, is the fact I’m a truck driver. LOL. Many people don’t think a truck driver would give the care and attention that their animals deserve. This is a stigma I wish to destroy!” He adds: “I grow very attached to these creatures, LOL (even the ones who have wee accidents in my truck).” 

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