Brake offers free webinar for fleet operators on driver fatigue
Posted: 26-Aug-2020 |

Brake, the road safety charity, is inviting managers of at-work drivers to take part in its next free webinar, on the topic of managing driver fatigue. The webinar takes place on Wednesday 16 September, 2pm-3pm NZST.

Driving whilst tired is high risk and fatigue is a factor in a significant number of crashes. Tired drivers are less likely to spot hazards, and less able to react in time to avoid a collision.

Fatigue is particularly dangerous because it can affect anyone, regardless of how experienced a driver they are. At-work drivers can be particularly at risk, especially if they spend long hours driving, drive at night, or have irregular sleep schedules.

The webinar is open to health & safety staff, fleet managers, senior management staff, and anyone else with responsibility for at-work drivers at their organisation. Speakers will discuss: The causes of driver fatigue and the importance of including it in your road risk programme, measures to help employers identify drivers who may be at-risk of fatigue, measures to raise awareness of fatigue through education and communication programmes

Attendance is free. Find out more and register online at or email If the time of the webinar doesn’t suit, you can still register for it to be sent the link to the recording afterwards.

Caroline Perry, Brake’s NZ director, said: “Fatigue is an important road safety topic. It is a factor in a number of crashes, and anyone can be affected by it, yet many organisations don’t have policies and procedures in place to manage it, or don’t know how to address this risk with drivers. This webinar will provide information and advice on tackling the subject of driver tiredness, and is suitable for organisations operating fleets of any size and type, and I encourage anyone with responsibility for managing at-work drivers to attend.”

This webinar is part of Global Fleet Champions, an initiative by Brake, the road safety charity for fleet professionals, aimed at sharing best practice in road risk management. Anyone involved in managing at-work drivers, and suppliers to fleets, can join the free service to gain access to best practice information through events, online and downloadable tools for managers and drivers. To find out more visit 

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