Bombay’s Back Baby!
Posted: 03-Feb-2021 |

Alright, so we may be getting a bit ahead of ourselves but we’re excited to announce that the 2nd Bombay Truck show will be held on the 12th February 2022 and we at NZ Truck and Driver magazine are proud to support it.

The inaugural Bombay trucking event held last summer proved to be popular beyond belief. With 280 Trucks on display, nearly 7000 public attendees, 54 or so sponsors and raising over $68,000 for charity -  it’s fair to say that the Bombay Truck Show was EPIC.

N&J Wood Ltd, together with the Bombay Rugby Club, TDM and Superfreight, organised the show and it was an event that showcased some of the industries finest heavy metal from bygone years up to the recently released, trucking industry suppliers and providers, plenty of food stalls, a bar, a live music stage and what’s more gave 100% (that’s 100 per cent) of its proceeds to charity and local community groups.

The one-day event spanned over three paddocks and offered visual delights and fun for all ages. Ardent truck fans got to see and vote on their favourites machines, purchase gear, climb in and out of demo trucks and tyre kick to their heart’s content, while kids got to play on bouncy castles, ride on the back of a miniature ‘Goodbye Pork Pie’ Mini and fill their boots with a truckload of lollies.

“It was a fantastic result and a real dream come true for me.” says Marieka Morcombe event organiser - “Let’s see what we can do in 2022.”

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