Big Rig Trip Gift - Janet Calder
Posted: 03-Mar-2020 |

Buying the perfect gift for your significant other is always fraught with danger, especially around Xmas time. Socks, bath salts, perfume or undies have been tried and tested throughout the years (to varied forms of success) - but a ride in a Big Rig, surely that's a stretch? Not so for Janet Calder apparently.

"I gave Janet a Gift Voucher on Christmas Day," says Keith Calder, Janet's husband. "As expected, she was surprised. My kids thought it was a joke, until Janet recalled that she had said something to me earlier in the year about riding in a Big Rig would be something she would like to do."

Thanks to the RTF and Nico Jongeneel, of Jongeneel Transport Ltd, who offered to take Janet in his late model Mercedes Actros 2663, custom-painted in the German factory, and his full B-Train trailer, the date was set for January this year..

So, on Sunday 12 January at 8.30am Janet met with Nico at their freight yard. According to Keith, "The first thing that Janet noticed was that it was a long way up to the passenger's seat on the truck - above her head height!"

From Levin they headed off to Palmerston North to deliver fresh vegetables to supermarkets and then they picked up a new load and drove to Lower Hutt before finally returning Janet to Waikanae, where she lives.

With a big smile across her face Janet's first comment to Keith was, "What an amazing experience! And that Nico had been an amazing driver and host for the day."

Janet commented that she had a new appreciation of what truck drivers do and what they have to put up with on the road. She also enjoyed seeing what is involved in delivering produce and other products to supermarkets and distribution hubs.

Following images of the day being posted on Social Media Keith said that "Janet was the envy and butt of comments from family and friends for many days afterwards.

I haven't seen Janet smile so much for a long time. And I think I got heaps of brownie points for this!

So, if you're looking for the perfect Xmas, Anniversary or Birthday gift, maybe look no further than a ride in a B

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