Auckland Traffic getting better post lockdown - apparently
Posted: 29-Jul-2020 |

Figures show that more Aucklanders are working from home after the COVID-19 lockdown, allowing the motorways to flow a little freer. But not in other hubs.

Data collected from traffic counters between the Queenstown Rd and Hillsborough Rd on and off ramps showed there were about 112,700 vehicles passing through each week. This was 89.7 percent of the previous year's 125,569 vehicles, according to the New Zealand Transport Agency's latest statistics from the end of June.

Meanwhile, traffic counters at specific sites in Wellington showed traffic was about 95.9 percent of the previous year, Christchurch at 104.6 percent, Hamilton at 100.2 percent, and Dunedin at 99.7 percent.

But don't think we're all taking the bus as this drop was also mirrored in public transport use. Usage was 67.5 percent of last year in Auckland, which meant about 45,000 fewer people taking return trips. This compares to Wellington's 89.4 percent and Christchurch's 74.6 percent.

The NZTA's Auckland system manager Andrea Williamson said fewer people heading to the airport was also contributing to the decline.

"If there's less cars on the motorway, then there's a smaller queue which means that everyone is a little bit happier when they get on the motorway."

The environment also benefited with fewer cars on the road, she said.

It will be interesting to see if this trend continues as judging by traffic flow on SH1 mid-July, things look to be back up to pre-Covid levels again.

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