Advertorial: Take Control of Your Road User Charges
Posted: 07-Jul-2020 |

How can you reduce the time and cost impact of RUC on your business? Here's how Teletrac Navman's eRUC system can help you take control of your Road User Charges.

Admin time
Hours of admin time spent checking, purchasing, and distributing RUC licences to drivers, all add costs and takes away resources from the business. With an electronic RUC system, this is all automated. When the licence is due to run out, the system will alert the fleet manager to simply click 'yes' to purchase another licence and display it on the in-vehicle electronic screen.

Off-road rebates
Teletrac Navman's electronic RUC system will record the exact distance a vehicle spends off road, and once the licence is used up, it will autofill a rebate form to claim the off-road distance back from the NZTA. This leads to regular rebates flowing back to the business. Every kilometre counts.

Getting caught out with an expired licence is a frustrating cost to bear. With an electronic RUC system, the whole fleet, no matter where they are or who is driving, can be checked instantly along with the ability to set up alerts to forewarn you.

What about trailers?
Teletrac Navman's custom-built electronic distance recorder (EDR) for trailers has secured NZTA approval. The device will help automate RUC licences and calculate off-road rebates for heavy trailers independently of prime movers.

Key benefits include:
Self-contained device – no wires and no interference with the trailer ABS, EBS or other systems.
Self-powered device – generates power directly from the wheel's rotation.
Self-installed device – operators can install themselves.
IP67 rated – to withstand NZ's rough road and weather conditions.
Large clear screen.

Find out why Teletrac Navman's electronic RUC system is hugely popular with transport operators, call us on 0800 447 735.

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