Advertorial - Schedule truck maintenance to prevent unplanned breakdowns
Posted: 21-Jan-2021 |

Preventative maintenance offers ample benefits, such as providing a more reliable fleet so staff can operate vehicles, and all other equipment, with confidence. Assets that are regularly maintained and monitored are less likely to break down unexpectedly. Further to this, it helps you maintain a digital back log of data to ensure compliance and safety throughout the business.

Teletrac Navman’s fleet management solution lets you easily manage WOFs, COFs, registrations and general servicing, such as ABC services, for your fleet. You can set up automatic alerts to notify the fleet manager or head mechanic when a vehicle is due for service. 

For example:

A SERVICE - alert every 10,000kms

Grease and safety check.

B SERVICE - alert every 20,000kms

Engine oil and filter, fuel filters, grease and safety check.

C SERVICE - alert every 100,000kms

Differential oil, gearbox oil and filters, power steering fluid, engine oil and filter and fuel filters, grease and safety check.

Thanks to the GPS-enabled technology of Teletrac Navman’s solution, you can set up the alerts to be based on the actual kilometres travelled by each vehicle. Regardless if you are experiencing slow weeks or busy weeks, your tracking system will keep an accurate record of distance travelled, to keep the maintenance schedule on track.

When you’re busy with the day-to-day, preventative maintenance is an effective way to better manage your fleet no matter the size, complexity or the number of locations your business covers. 

To learn more about our complete software solution visit out Transport Management page.

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