ADVERTORIAL: Safety is success
Posted: 12-May-2022 |

A safe company is a successful one. Going by the number of fatalities on New Zealand roads this year, optimising safety should be a huge priority for daily drivers. Since New Zealand’s national Road Safety Week is this month, 9-15 May, there is no better time to review the safety measures you have in place to protect your drivers. Here are two safety suggestions for your company. 

  1. Driver fatigue is a significant contributor to our dangerous roads. If your drivers are overworking, or not taking enough rest stops, they can be a danger to themselves and others on the road. By investing in a digitised fatigue management solution like eLogbooks, your drivers can enter their rest hours easily. This protects their mental and physical health by ensuring they aren’t working over Waka Kotahi’s legal hours. 
  2. Pinpointing unsafe driving behaviour is also key to preventing dangerous consequences. By introducing a smart dashcam solution, you can monitor unsafe driving habits like speeding, fatigue, and unsafe braking. You can then offer your drivers targeted training and reminders, to make sure they are driving in a way that protects themselves and others around them. 

This year’s road safety week encourages the transport industry to reflect on what they are doing to keep New Zealand roads safe. Telematics solutions can prove an effective solution to help you optimise safety for your drivers. For more information and options, head over to our website.  

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