ADVERTORIAL: Don’t let summer cost you time and money
Posted: 20-Jan-2022 |

Summer means sun, and lots of it. It also means heat. With rising temperatures comes an increased need to stay on top of fleet maintenance to keep drivers safe and maintenance costs down. 

Rather than monitoring fleet maintenance yourself, telematics can shoulder much of the responsibility for you. If your drivers spend long, hot hours on the road, the dangers of an overheating engine are very real. Thanks to insights offered by Teletrac Navman’s maintenance solutions, access to vehicle information can help you prevent serious engine damage. 

Here are more summer hazards that maintenance solutions can help prevent:

Brakes can be the difference between life or death. During summer, it is vital your vehicles’ brakes are regularly maintained. Set up instant maintenance alerts so that reminders are sent to the appropriate people at the right time. Avoid mistakes made in scheduling and ensure vehicle brakes are keeping your drivers safe. 

Tyre blowouts are disruptive and dangerous. As a tyre’s internal pressure rises with heat, they are far more prone to blowouts in summer. Regular checks can ensure tyres are safe and identify increased pressure before a blowout costs time and money.

Preventative maintenance can help you keep track of important checks, services and updates for your fleet. Vehicles that are regularly maintained and monitored are less likely to break down unexpectedly. 

Check out our website for more information on how maintenance solutions can increase your drivers’ chances of getting home safely at the end of the day, without unnecessary hazards.

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