5 minutes with RTF’s new Chair Greg Pert
Posted: 14-Oct-2020 |

Having just assumed the role of Chair of the Road Transport Forum Board of Directors, Greg Pert took time out of his very busy schedule to tell us a little more about himself and his view of the industry.

Although originally from a farming background, Greg took to the Road Transport Industry thirty eight years ago, beginning with Dales Freightways in Auckland and then transferring to Freightways Bulk Services, before becoming an owner-operator and morphing into a full fleet carrier.

“They [Freightways] were a great company to work for back then, ahead of their time, they pioneered most of the tanker cartage we do today, ” Pert says, “back then you had to be 35 and married, I was only 21, I thought I’d only be doing that for 6 months…” He jokes, “the rest is history.”

Well evidently not quite. His current role is Director of Tranzliquid Logistics, a family business he runs along with his son and M.D. Gareth and partner Jackie (also a company Director). They have 42 trucks on the road and therefore have first hand experience on what’s going on out there. Plus, for the past 5 years, Greg has also been on the RTF board of directors.

This year his peers talked to him about the position of Chair and voted for him to take it, 

“I felt the time was the right and that it was the right thing to do, and I value that support.”
He continues, “I don’t have all the answers and I still have a bit to learn but I think that’s a good way to be.”

“We [RTF] have a compelling vision and with great collaboration across all associations and its members I believe the RTF can move this industry forward.” He says “there are some challenges in the industry right now, more now than ever, even though the industry was a stand out through COVID-19 for the NZ supply chain.

Greg has a passion for the industry and believes that the transport industry always gets the job done in any crisis that hits NZ,

“it’s our hidden gem, the people it's in our DNA.

Life is good, let's have some fun along the way ... all roads lead somewhere!”

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