2020: Current Opportunities in the Civil Construction Industry
Posted: 09-Sep-2020 |

The construction industry is a core client for many operators. With massive disruptions in 2020, what are the challenges and opportunities currently experienced by those who work in the industry?

The results of the 2020 Construction Industry Survey, a partnership between Teletrac Navman and Civil Contractors New Zealand, indicates there will be a short-term crunch for the industry, but long-term the outlook is stronger. 

The survey was undertaken in June 2020 by 188 (predominantly) owners, directors or management-level employees in New Zealand’s civil construction industry. It provides a valuable gauge into the industry outlook and trends.

Where the work is coming from? 

The 2020 Construction Industry Survey found that roading is coming through strongly as the area with the most work on in 2020, as commercial building projects drop off. Residential (generally subdivision infrastructure) and three waters continue to be strong areas for work. 

Good practices are good business

Local government at 47% and central government at 28% make up the bulk of project initiators for infrastructure work. A focus on sustainable business practices - social, environmental, financial - is starting to influence on procurement decisions. 37% of contractors noted that their clients have indicated that sustainability practices will impact their procurement decisions.

Where fleet tracking software could add a competitive advantage

This means that in coming years, sustainable business practices, such as excellent health and safety management, could an opportunity for competitive advantage to those who supply services to government and the civil construction industry. With fleet tracking software, transport operators can prove the quality of their services by producing transparent data around safe driving culture, compliance, emissions and more. 

To find out more about what’s happening in the construction industry, head to Teletrac Navman’s website to download the full report.

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