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Beyond the Rainbow
NZ Transport Imaging Awards - May 2021

Unsurprisingly, Rainbow Park Nurseries’trucks used to feature rainbows in their colour scheme – as a key part of the 45-year-old Ramarama-based company’s logos.

The mainly white trucks were brightened by a horizontal green stripe and bumpers, a green, red and orange rainbow that was part of the Rainbow Park Nurseries logo….plus a similar Rainbow Trees logo (yep, also featuring a rainbow), in three shades of green.

But times change, and a couple of years ago the business decided that its “moving billboards” – the company trucks that deliver over 1.5 million plants a year to retailers across the country – would be better employed promoting its core brand.

All of the pl... ... 

something borrowed ...and blue (and white)
NZ Transport Imaging Awards - April 2021

Call it fate, good fortune or just plain good luck, but when South Taranaki crane, Hiab and heavy-haulage transporter specialist Agtrans stumbled onto its unusual bright light blue, white-striped livery almost a decade ago, “it just stuck.”

Agtrans director Philip D’Ath explains: “It’s not a particularly awesome story, but when we first started in 2012 we had a Hino transporter that pretty much had that colour, with the two white stripes on it. 

“We (D’Ath and business partner Christian (CJ) Mahony) thought it looked alright, so carried on with it – and now it’s emblazoned across multiple vehicles. 

“Nothing highly technical or creative about it: It was jus... ... 

Mercer’s colours in the TDM mix
NZ Transport Imaging Awards - March 2021

The inspiration for the sharp livery on the trucks run by Franklin company TDM Construction is an interesting mix of commercial and personal influences.

A couple of the icons on the company logo are pretty clearcut, straightforward: A digger bucket and a drainage pipe are cues taken from TDM’s civil construction and drainlaying business.

Then there’s the thistle icon: That’s all about the Scottish heritage of brothers Todd, Dean and Marc Black, who own and operate the company. 

The bright yellow and royal blue stripes – which are painted on plain white cabs – are also family-inspired: They’re the colours of the Mercer Rowing Club….which the entire Black family h... ... 

Large-scale NZ rebrand under way
NZ Transport Imaging Awards - February 2021

It amounts to, Aramex New Zealand CEO Scott Jenyns believes, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) rebranding exercises applied to a Kiwi commercial vehicle fleet.

By the time it’s completed, probably by the end of this year, about 30 linehaul tractor and trailer units and more than 300 courier vans will have been re-liveried….

Changed from the royal blue-based colour scheme worn by the former Fastway Courier’s trucks (with red and white signwriting) – to vivid red tractor units and curtainsider trailers, with white signage.

While the signwriting on the mostly-white courier vans has been switching from blue and red, to red and white (including company logos and red... ... 

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