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Its own best customer
 September 2019    Story Brian Cowan Photos Gerald Shacklock
Trucks are an integral part of any major farming operation, and New Zealand's transport industry has many examples of farmers who've started out looking after their own trucking needs….

And have progressed on to making a little extra on the side, carting stuff for other people – then eventually morphing into stand-alone trucking fleets.

South Canterbury's Winchester-headquartered Pye Group has in some ways followed a similar path – but it's also unusual….probably unique.

For one thing, its 15-strong trucking fleet is modern, efficient, meticulously-audited and arguably capable of footing it in the wider transport market.

And then there's the fact that its reason for being is largely about servicing just one customer – itself (in the form of the wider Pye Group). Any work done for outside clients is generally backloading, to reduce the costs of its core activity.

How a single client can support a fleet this big can be best appreciated when you understand the scale of the Pye Group. 

It's a truly massive agricultural operation, encompassing 10 dairy farms that carry around 10,000 cows and heifers, two potato farms in the Rakaia area that supply the McCains processing operation in nearby Timaru, and a carrot-growing operation that provides over 15,000 tonnes annually for Juice Products NZ. 
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