Teletrac Navman Fleet Focus | New trucker, fresh thinker

New trucker, fresh thinker
 August 2019    Story Dave McLeod Photos Gerald Shacklock

To say trucking company owner Blake Noble is a little bit different – even in an industry that's jam-packed with individuals – is one of those ridiculous understatements. Seriously. Ridiculous. 

So here's a guy who, at 38, is running his own 16-truck transport operation. So far, so….well, interesting. Unusual. But probably not unique.

Not until you take account of the fact that he's now just four years into trying to breathe new life into an old trucking company….a business he bought despite having absolutely no previous experience to speak of with trucks or the road transport industry.

So, no – this was not one of those classic family trucking business succession deals, whereby Mum and Dad bow out, and one or more of the kids take it over.

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