Big Test | Arocs an all-rounder

 February 2018     MERCEDES-BENZ AROCS 2651 6x4   Story Brian Cowan Photos Terry Marshall

Big Test: Arocs an all-rounder

"This is where i really earn my money," comments Rob Hollyer as he lines up the Rooney Earthmoving Mercedes-Benz Arocs and its four-axle trailer: "It's about as tough as it can get, especially with the bin on the offside like it is here."

We're at a Ballance service centre - a bulk fertiliser store servicing a farming region. This one is at Mayfield, not far off the inland route between Geraldine and Methven. The facility has a row of bins down either side facing a central aisle, and was obviously originally designed for trucks only. With the first two bins there's more room for the truck, which is largely outside the entranceway.

But the load this time is Sustain, which goes into a bin three down - bringing the truck into the building as well. Consequently, Rob has to get the trailer jack-knifed in at right angles, in a space barely wider than it is long...and working all the time through the left-hand mirrors.

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Pirelli Trevor Test

This is our second look at Mercedes-Benz's new offerings: Following on from our test drive of the new Actros, we're in Timaru to try out its smaller brother, the Arocs.

Smaller maybe....but arguably tougher: The Arocs is the construction truck offering from Mercedes-Benz - so who better to test it with than Rooney Earthmoving, which has probably the biggest Merc fleet in New Zealand and is widely known for its groundbreaking operations in South Canterbury.

The Trevor Test starts out of Rooney's yard in Tinwald on the north side of Timaru. After dropping off a load of gravel we head out to the back of the yard to the giant Ballance stores to put on a load of fertiliser for delivery to Ballance's Mayfield store.

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